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Analysis of Tencent AI: basic research does not have KPI, star products help algorithm drill


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Analysis of Tencent AI: basic research does not have KPI, star products help algorithm drill

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Tencent, China's Internet giant, is making a long-term investment in artificial intelligence (AI) by attracting top AI researchers, some labs without KPI (Key Performance Indicators), Weixin and other internal star products to provide scenarios for algorithm drilling, opening AI capabilities to the outside world and investing in AI projects globally.
Tencent's AI has blossomed in retail, medical, security, autopilot and other fields, according to reports from Peng Mei. Compared to a year ago, the layout of AI is becoming clearer.
"Basic research - scene co building -AI open" is the three tier architecture of Tencent in AI. Basic research is based on four vertical areas: machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition and computer vision. Application scenarios revolve around three core elements: content, social interaction and game. At the same time, Tencent will open artificial intelligence tools in the form of API.
The development of AI industry is at a very early stage. Tencent Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ma Huateng has said that Tencent will continue to invest in AI for a long period of time and patience. AI will help Tencent develop its existing products, services and businesses in many ways.
Some people believe that China's artificial intelligence field is rising rapidly with the three advantages of rich scientific research budget, excellent talents and big data. Tencent's core data advantage is not only reflected in the number of users and the amount of data contributed by users, but also in the depth of data provided by each user. Smartphones are the most popular AI platforms, and the value of the large data that Tencent's Weixin active users for more than 1 billion months and QQ active users for nearly 800 million months contribute every day is revealed.
AI is rich in application and difficult to land.
At the just-concluded World Artificial Intelligence Congress in Shanghai, Tencent has attracted a lot of spectators for its many novel experiences. In addition to showing the technical strength of the three major artificial intelligence laboratories, Tencent Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab), Tencent Youtu and WeChat AI, Tencent Finding, Tencent Excellence, Weixin Payment Intelligent Life, Tencent Lighthouse, etc. Tencent Translator Jun, Tiantian Ptu and other Tencent AI products, as well as ecological partners AI Accelerator Phase II 40 AI venture projects all appeared.
Tencent, which has always been good at "social" and does not do e-commerce by itself, has shown great energy in offline retailing by plugging in AI's wings to snatch up a huge smart retail market with Alibaba.
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